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M&L Logistic provides road transport services throughout Europe, using only the base of good and reliable carriers and transportation companies.

Due to our experience and good cooperation with our partners we provide:

  • Whole-transport vehicles and cargo across the country and throughout Europe;
  • Over-size and hazardous cargo;
  • Carriage of goods that require controlled temperatures;
  • Express cars with a capacity up to 1,5 t;
  • The guarantee of supply “just in time”;
  • Services “door to door”;
  • Customs services of cargo carried;
  • Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year;
  • Monitoring of vehicles 24 hours a day, and continuous contact with the shipper;
  • Insurance CARGO
  • 100% satisfaction from the cooperation.


Get to know our offer

M&L Logistic provides comprehensive logistics of cargo transported by sea (container shipments / FCL and consolidate containers / LCL). With a good knowledge of the freight market, we realize sea transportation of consignments for import and export, providing high quality standard of services and competitive prices.

Using the knowledge and years of experience of our highly qualified staff, we’ll be happy to offer you professional support and effective realization of orders at every stage.

We offer:

  • A full service sea shipments in the relation of export and import;
  • The organization of sea freight in all types of containers, general cargo and oversized loads, hazardous and requiring controlled temperature goods;
  • comprehensive service in the port and for oncarriage shipments using our own offices and agents in Szczecin, Gdynia, Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Rotterdam;
  • Delivery in the relations “port to port”, “door to port”, “port to door” and “door to door”, implemented throughout a network of reliable agents in major ports all around the world;
  • Additional services for your cargo, such as storage, warehousing, packaging, etc.;
  • Professional advisory in forwarding;
  • Customs handling;
  • CARGO insurance;
  • Quick, secure and professional service.


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Thanks to cooperation with proven operators and airlines, M&L Logistic organizes air transport of shipments. If you care about a short delivery time, and there are long distances, it is worth considering this form of transport.

As part of the air transport service, we offer:

  • door-to-door transport of goods;
  • network of proven agents at major airports in the world;
  • additional services for the cargo, such as: storage, warehousing, packing, etc;
  • professional forwarding consultancy;
  • customs and agency services;
  • CARGO insurance;
  • fast, safe and professional service.


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M&L Logistic, thanks to storage areas in attractive locations in the country, offers flexible logistic solutions through its office in Szczecin.

In addition to storage services our offer also includes:

  • Packaging;
  • Labeling;
  • Warehouse documentation;
  • Co-packing;
  • Cross docking;
  • 24 hours security.


Get to know our offer

At the request of clients we organize the customs clearance and fulfill all the related formalities. Working with a network of specialized customs agencies not only in Poland but also abroad – in Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Frankfurt and Rotterdam, we offer service according to all customs procedures. Competency and experience of cooperating agencies provide our customers with efficient, reliable and timely services, as well as facilitate trading with foreign companies.

Our goal is individual approach to each customer and comprehensive representation of your business in front of custom authorities, which allows us to shorten the customs clearance and reduce costs to minimum.